Mahabodhi Society , Bengaluru

Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru is a charitable organisation established in 1956 by Most Venerable AcharyaBuddharakkhita with the main objective of reviving the precious, compassionate teaching of Bhagavan Buddha in the land of its origin, India. Our aim is to put into practice the precious teachings of the Buddha, step by stepSila, Samadhi and Panya - moral upliftment, mental purity and deeper wisdom, through selfless, spiritual, educational, medical and other humanitarian services to bring universal peace, harmony, happiness and progress.


Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru is dedicated for the welfare and happiness of people irrespective of religion, race, color, nationality or sex. Since its very inception, the Society has been actively engaged in rendering various spiritual and humanitarian services. In keeping with the vision of the founder Most Venerable Dr.AcharyaBuddharakkhita, today the Society has expanded its activities in different parts of India and abroad with the message of compassion. The society has established monasteries for monks and nuns, Hospitals, Meditation centers, educational institutions and published over a hundred Dhamma books benefiting thousands of people around the globe.

A glance at Mahabodhi activities :

Mahabodhi Monastic Training Center, Meditation Center, Publications, Dhamma Classes, Hospital Dana services, Sunday Discourses, Meditation Retreats, Buddhist Study Programs.

North Bengaluru:
Intensive long- 1 month 3 month meditation retreat, Short- 5 days, 7 days, 10 days meditation courses, Temporary monkhood programs, Dhamma Classes, 1 day meditation programs for college and school students.

Mahabodhi School, Carla Students Home, Mahabodhi Mettaloka Youth Center hostel for university students.

Mahabodhi Monastic Training Center, Meditation Center ,Publications ,Dhamma Classes ,Hospital Dana services,Sunday Discourses ,Meditation Retreats ,Buddhist Study Programs

Bordums , AP:
Mahabodhi GotamiVihara Nuns Training Center, Meditation Center ,Publications ,Dhamma Classes ,Hospital Dana services,Sunday Discourses ,Meditation Retreats ,Buddhist Study Programs

Namsai, AP:
Mahabodhi Lord Buddha College, Mahabodhi Maitri Girls home, Mahabodhi Monastery for monks, Mahabodhi Monastery for nuns (under development).

Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh (AP):
Mahabodhi School, Mahabodhi Rita Girls Home, Boys Home, Monastery for monks, Agriculture program, Mahabodhi Karuna Medical Center, Dairy Program.

Tawang, AP:
Mahabodhi Home for Elders, Mahabodhi Girls home, Hospital Dana services, Dhammika Stupa, Village counseling programs.

Deomali, AP:
Mahabodhi Boys Home, Mahabodhi Meditation Center.

Chichingchera Tripura:
Mahabodhi School, Mahabodhi hostel for boys, Mahabodhi Monastery.

Suknachari Tripura:
Mahabodhi School, Mahabodhi Boys and Girls Home (under development), Mahabodhi monastery for monks.

We request you to join our programs and participate actively so that you too can be part of a team to serve more and more people.