Welcome to Mahabodhi Meditation Centre- Dhammaduta Vihara.

It is a place for finding peace, happiness, meaning and purpose in life.Everybody in life seeks happiness and peace. In search of happiness, many times people fall into sufferings only because they do not have the clarity of the right path. The life realities like old age, sickness, death keep on in constant fear and anxiety. Struggle for existence creates stress and impatience. The relationships within the family or with the society many times create deep depressions and problems. How to come out of these day to day situations?



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Reasons for Meditation


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a conscious effort to change how the mind works. The Pali word for meditation is 'bhavana' which means 'to make grow' or 'to develop'.

Is meditation important?

Yes, it is. No matter how much we may wish to be good, if we cannot change the desires that make us act the way we do, change will be difficult. For example, a person may realize that he is impatient with his wife and he may promise himself: "From now on I am not going to be so impatient." But an hour later he may be shouting at his wife simply because, not being aware of himself, impatience has arisen without him knowing. Meditation helps to develop the awareness and the energy needed to transform ingrained mental habit patterns.

I have heard that meditation is widely used today by psychiatrists and psychologists. Is this true?

Yes, it is. Meditation is now accepted as having a highly therapeutic effect upon the mind and is used by many professional mental health workers to help induce relaxation, overcome phobias and bring about self-awareness. The Buddha's insights into the human mind are helping people as much today as they did in ancient times.