Code Of Discipline For Meditation Course

04:30 AM Wake up
05:00 AM Puja and Meditation
06:30 AM Breakfast, cleaning, fresh up
08:00 AM Meditation in the Hall - Group Sitting
09:30 AM Meditation in the Pagoda - Individual sitting
11:15 AM Lunch and Rest
01:30 PM Meditation in the Pagoda - Individual sitting
02:30 PM Meditation in the Hall - Group Sitting
04:00 PM Meditation in the Pagoda - Individual sitting
05:00 PM Tea Break and rest
06:00 PM Puja and Meditation in the hall
07:15 PM Dhamma talk in the hall
09:00 PM Conclusion
09:30 PM Sleep

This code of discipline is prepared for the maximum benefit of participants in a practical way.

  • The participant will have to stay on for the full duration of the course
  • The participants will work seriously as per the instructions. If you are not serious, not only you waste your time but also you start disturbing others.
  • The Participants will undertake three refuges in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha
  • The Participants will observe 10 precepts
    1. Abstention from killing
    2. Abstention from stealing
    3. Abstention from all sexual activities
    4. Abstention from telling lies
    5. Abstention from all intoxicants
    6. Abstention from taking food after 12 noon
    7. Abstention from sensual amusements, dance, songs, music etc
    8. Abstention from bodily decoration, scents, etc.
    9. Abstention from using high and luxurious beds and seats
    10. Abstention from using money, silver/gold
  • Acceptance of the teacher and the teaching: For the period of the course the participant must surrender completely to the Teacher and the teachings, instructions, rules, code of discipline and course timetable. This surrender should be with understanding, not with any blind faith. Such confidence in the Teacher is essential for the speedy understanding of Dhamma and progress.
  • Rites, rituals and other meditations: For the period of the course it is absolutely essential that all rites and rituals, worshiping deities, yogic practices etc should be strictly suspended.
  • Silence: For getting maximum benefit of the course, silence must be strictly observed. However participants can speak only with the teacher and responsible monk or manager for any needs concerning accommodation, food, etc. Even gestures, written notes, sign language etc are prohibited. Don’t discuss even Dhamma and meditation matters.
  • Valuables: Please don’t bring any valuables. If you bring any valuables, please deposit them in the office before the course begins and collect at the end of the course. This is also a precept of the course, i.e. not to keep any money, or gold etc.
  • Don’t use radio/transistor, tape, audio players, Mobile phones, etc. Deposit them in the office before the course begins.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco is strictly not allowed during the course.
  • Keep the premises clean and use respectfully all the things available.
  • Please be five minutes earlier at meditation hall and for meditation and chanting.
  • Outside contacts are prohibited. Don’t use mobile phones or talk with outside people. For any needs only contact the in charge monk or manager.
  • No writing or reading materials, books or anything should be brought. If you have brought them please don’t use them.
  • Don’t use cameras till the end of the course. However you can take pictures on the last day, which will be informed to you.
  • There is absolutely no charge for this course as it is conducted by the generous donations of other people. However at the end of the course you may donate any amount to the Mahabodhi Meditation Center which runs meditation retreats.
  • Please bear in the mind that it is meditation course, following the life of simplicity and meditation. If you don’t understand certain disciplinary rules please get clarified. The accommodation, food and facilities are simple. If you feel any discomfort remember about renunciation, the way the Buddha himself spent his life in forests, under trees with just minimal needs. Feel happy that you have got this opportunity.
  • Feel happy that you have these facilities. Feel happy that you have an eminent teacher to teach out of compassion. Feel happy that you are developing the paramis. Feel happy that you are sowing the seeds of Dhamma deeply in your life. Keeping all these aspects in mind maintain calmness, equanimity and enjoy every moment of the course.


The timetable may change according to the meditation course. The new time table will be sent you with the confirmation letter.

Your participation will be confirmed and communicated to you. Only when confirmed you are requested to come.