Mahabodhi Meditation Centre -Dhammaduta Vihara, Bengaluru

Mahabodhi Meditation Center at Dhammaduta Buddha Vihara is a place for moral and spiritual training, situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru.Ideally located 27 kilometers away from Bengaluru City railway station in Narasipura village near Alur, North Bengaluru.

The centre has facilities of meditation halls, meditation pagoda with individual meditation rooms, living rooms (double sharing), dining facilities and garden with mango groves for walking meditation. Men and women above 20 years age can participate in the course. The courses are offered totally free of cost.

The land for the centre was offered by Maha Upasaka Shir Chaitanya Raghunath ji in memory of his late father Shri Anjanappa and late mother Jyamma on the occasion of 80th birthday of Most Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita in 2001.

Our Facilities :

Puja and Meditation hall

Used for chanting and group meditation sitting.

Bodhi PrakarMantapa

Sacred Bodhi trees from Holy Bodhgaya.

Bodhi Rasmi Pagoda

(The Pagoda of Radiance of Enlightenment) built on the cremation spot of Most VenerableAcharyaBuddharakkhita. The Pagoda consists of 54 individual meditation rooms built in the style of Shwedagon Pagoda with 3 floors. It also contains the sacred relics of the Buddha and Chief Disciples at the top.

Inside Pagoda

Dhammavinaya Building

Consisting of 24 beautiful double sharing rooms for meditators to stay and meditate during the retreat.

Dhamma VaddhaniSima

(The place where Dhamma in progress)- was established in 2015 by 10 Venerable Sayadaws Monks from Myanmar.

There are also Dormitory, Dining and Kitchen, A lotus pond around the Buddha statue, Birth of theBuddha statue, Mahaparinibbana statues and Beautiful serene garden with mango groves.

This retreat centre offers

Meditation courses for monks and nuns

Meditation courses for lay people

Dhamma study and training program for lay people

Dhamma courses for children

Dhamma courses for children